Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Sex Scandal Without Any Sex

I am tempted to just repeat the title of this post time and time again.

Weiner's overblown sex scandal has no sex in it.   Yes, he did make it worse by lying about it.


Worse, it was about S-E-X!

To quote an old SNL quote - Really?  Really?   This is what it has come to?

The man is a bit of a pervert.  And tried to hide it.  Are we next going to kick all gays that were in the closet out of politics?   Lets keep the government out of our sex lives.   It is NOT up to the other elected officials to determine if perverts have enough moral fiber to be in politics.  That job is up to the voters and should be. 

Here is a list of sex scandals without outright accusations of sex (or attempts to have sex) since 1974

(D) Mills 1974 - stopped for speeding with a stripper in the car.  Won re-election, but after that was caught drunk with her again, forced to resign committee chairmanship, and did not seek re-election in 1976.

(R) Evans, (R) Railsback and (R) Quale 1981.  These three republicans shared a cottage with a lobbyist/later playboy bunny during a 1980 vacation.  Their wives were not present.  All three voted as per her request.  Railsback and Quayle denied having sex with her.  Evans regretted his association but never denied sex.   None resigned, Evans lost re-election (Quayle became vice president).

(R ) Thomas, 1991 Accused of unwanted sexual advancements by Ms. Hill.  Won confirmation to Supreme Court.

(R) Konnyu 1987  Two aids complained he sexually harassed them.   No resignation but he lost the next primary.

(D) Bates 1988.  During an election, a report was made of sexual advances toward female staffers.   He claimed it was an election smear.   He won the election then, and was asked to apologize but no call to resign was made.  He lost the next election despite it being a strongly democratic district.

(D) Savage 1989 Accused of fondling a Peace Corps Volunteer.  Ethics committee decided he was guilty but accepted his letter of apology to the women as sufficient.   Won re-election in 19990, lost the primary in 1992

(D) Frank 1989 Gay politician hired Steve Gobie (another gay man)  to work for him in his apartment.   in 1987 he found the worker was using the apartment to run a prostitution service and Franks fired Gobie.  Boston Globe called on Frakn to resign, but Congress failed in an effort to expel or censure him.  They did recommend that Frank be reprimanded for fixing 33 of Gobie's parking tickets.  Won re-election in 1990 by a huge margin.

(R) Strangeland, 1990.  Married with children caught making several hundred long distance calls to the residence of a female lobbyist.  Denied it was romantic, but admitted it was personal.  Lost re-election.

(R) Packwood 1992.  After he won 5th election, the Post reported 10 accusations of sexual harassment.  Eventually (3 years later), he resigned to avoid a senate vote to expel.

(R) Barr, 1990s.   Photographed licking whipped cream off a stripped at an inauguration party.    Did not get so much as a warning.

(R) Foley 2005  Sent email messages of a sexual nature to a former congressional page (minor).  Later it was discovered he had been doing this kind of thing for about a decade.  Some republicans had known and told him to stop, but did not publicize his actions.  Resigned when shown polling data he would not win re-election.


Foley is the most similar offense.   Sure, Weiner sent pictures, but they were to adult women he had not met.   (At least he thought they were all adult - some may have been minors that lied about their age.)  Why were republicans willing to look the other way for 10 years on Foley, but not so much as let Weiner run for re-election?

Because they are afraid Weiner might win re-election (and they were afraid Foley would lose)

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