Friday, August 12, 2011

Why Using the Bible Against Homosexuality is a Bad Idea.

This post is not about the First Amendment.  I will pretend that we live in a country that allows a state religion, because in fact most of the world does live in such countries.

The bible is a pretty big book.  It is so big in fact that often people think it says something when it doesn't (Source).     Furthermore, being so large it has some self-contradictory information.

The first and most obvious examples are the two contradictory explanations of how the world was made:  Seven days (Order: 1 Light/Dark, 2 Water/Sky, 3 Earth/Plants, 4 Sun/Moon/Stars, 5 Animals, 6 Adam/Eve, 7 God Rests) vs. Garden of Eden (Order: Earth + Heaven, Adam [Human], Plants, Animals,  and finally Eve).  Not only does the Garden of Eden story have Adam being created before the plants and animals, but it has the Earth and Heaven (presumably including the Sun, Moon and Stars), all before Plants instead of on the same day.

This does not even take into account the various different versions from different religions.   I am not just talking about Jewish vs Christian vs. Islam.  Different sects have different versions - Roman Catholic is not the same as Methodist, and their bibles have differences.

But we are saved.  You see, God is in his infinite wisdom, knew we were going to have this problem.  Among other things, the various bibles make distinct differences between what flawed but sainted humans said/wrote, what they remember God said and what is confirmed as God actually saying.

Best of all, God made sure that his most important words were in fact written in stone.  Not just words said by a human, not just the word of god remembered by a single human, not just the word of God remembered by many.   As per the old testament, God personally carved them in stone for all to see.  So that when we wrote the bible we could quote them.   He did not write a novel, just a short list of things he thought very important.   He gave us a TOP TEN LIST of Gods Most Important Issues.  This is the stuff that really matters.

To paraphrase (as those different sects I mentioned have slightly different versions - they did have to translate from Hebrew) , the Ten Commandments are:

  1. One God
  2. No Idols
  3. Don't break your word (swear)
  4. Pray to me at least once a week (Keep Sabbath Holy)
  5. Be good to your parents (honor your mother and father)
  6. No murder
  7. No Adultery.
  8. No Theft.
  9. Don't Lie (bear false witness)
  10. Don't be Greedy (covet - it's more than just desire)
These are the big ten.  The things God REALLY cares a lot about.  Now, I am sure that God has a lot of other things he cares about.   He probably doesn't like it when a youngster refuses to give up a seat for an elderly person.   Not to mention hacking into the cell phones.  Or farting in church.

But those things did not make the top ten list.  God thinks those top ten are far worse than anything else man does.   I don't see Homosexuality anywhere on that list, do you?   Maybe God doesn't like it.   Maybe he is as disgusted by it as you.   (I don't think so, but I am just a poor, modest sinner - I have been known to visit my grandmother in a nursing home on a Sunday instead of praying.)  But it is not on his top ten list.   He's got more important things to care about.

That means it is easier to get into heaven if you spend your entire life engaging in wild, perverted homosexual sex than it is if you never prayed on Sunday.   So that gay couple that went to a makeshift church every Sunday presided over by a lesbian? They get into heaven while the atheist doesn't.  More importantly,if you try to keep homosexual away from church, then you are doing the Devil's work.

Frankly, God doesn't care all that much about homosexuality.  It's just not on his list.   When you complain about Homosexuality, using the bible as an excuse, that you trying to tell God what to do, instead of accepting his will.   Sounds to me like you are ignoring the angel on your shoulder in favor of the other guy.

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