Thursday, October 6, 2011

Republicans STILL looking for a winner

Chris Christie yet again repeated that he will not be running for president.

That is not the news - he has repeatedly said it.   What is news is the fact that republicans kept begging him to run, this late in the game.

The GOP does not like their own candidates.  It's not like they are limited.  They have their 4 major candidate types:

  1. Libertarian that still believes the bull crap lie that the GOP wants small government (Ron Paul)
  2. Populist Tea Party candidate  (Bachmann)
  3. Moderate Conservative that most of the GOP thinks is a R.I.N.O.  (Romney)
  4. Religious Right guy  (Perry)
What more can they possibly want?

Oh yeah, someone that can win against Obama.  That is simply not available.

So how could the GOP actually beat Obama.

Well, they could get a miracle - some incredible bad scandal that breaks just in time to crush Obama.  Sex won't do it, I'm talking major crimes
They could try to steal the election - they are trying their best to stop college kids from voting throughout the country.

But lets' talk about reasonable actions they could take.

  1. Nominate Cain - a black man - to give them a chance to get some black votes.  Without him, they got nothing.     But that won't happen because too many of the far right won't vote for a black man at all.
  2. Have Cain get sane.  Stop talking about ridiculous plans to do major changes to our tax plans.
  3. Come right out and say you want to cut the military - and by a large amount.  Specify a 50% cut to the military budget..  
  4. Pick a side - either deficit cutting or tax cutting.   Can't do both.   Use the military cuts to fund one of those choices to a LARGE amount.   I suggest starting with the Deficit cut and stating when it gets down to 5% of the budget, we will automatically start a tax cut.
  5. Come out with a major immigration reform bill - with the US consulates offering cheap 4 month immigration visas just to men or women that provide a blood test indicating no drug use or pregnancy.   UNLIMITED numbers of these visas would be available - but anyone caught without one can never ever get one - and deportation begins (with regular court rules, not special deportation court rules).  This can get them the hispanic vote.
  6. Ignore abortion, gay rights, Obamacare cancellation and any other issue you don't have a 60% or greater support for.  And that has to be a real 60% favorability not a 60% dislike Obamacare when 30% dislike it because it did not go far enough.   Push issues you get more than 60% to win.
  7. Stop defending the rich.   Look at whatever Obama plans and negotiate it down, then call it victory.  You can NOT win by defending 1%, or even 9% of the population's wealth.   You need to concentrate on the 40% that are poor and the 50% that are true middle class.   More importantly, the rich already hate Obama.  They will vote for you anyway.

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