Monday, January 23, 2012

Supreme Court Decisions

Recently, the Supreme Court of the United States gave two decisions that are particularly interesting.

  1. They unanimously ruled that GPS surveillance requires a warrant. 
  2. The federal judges did not give the GOP enough leeway when it redistricted Texas.
The first is an outright win for the country.  There are a lot of reasons why cops should have to get a warrant before they GPS you, not the least of which is that with most cellphones, they can do it to your person, not just your car.  Note that this specific ruling did NOT talk about the legality of GPS tracking your phone, as the ruling explicitedly stated the search was rejected because it it involved touching the car.  But it is an indication that the court will not look kindly to phone GPS tracking.

The second is a minor win for the GOP.  The Supreme Court did not tell the Federal court to use the original, evil, discriminatory gerrymandered districts the Texan GOP had created.  But nor did it approve the court's version which gave 3 of the 4 new districts to Hispanics.  Hispanics population growth is the entire reason why Texas got any new districts, and the GOP, in their passion to give themselves more districts, managed to ensure that none of the new districts were Hispanic majority.  Probably because Hispanic districts tend to vote Democrats.

Still waiting for the big decision that should come by July:  Will the court put GOP politics ahead of history and law - blocking the Health Care mandate - or will it allow Obama to do exactly what the founders did in 1798.  (Text of 1798 law)

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