Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Strip search and the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court recently ruled that anyone arrested - arrested, not convicted - for any crime, even speeding or failing to clean up after your dog - could be strip searched.

They claimed was that if you were put in a high security area, then it was reasonable to strip search you so that you could not pass contraband on too more violent criminals.

Of course, this misses the entire point. What are these non-violent, non-dangerous people doing that close to to violent criminals?   IF THE PRISON NEEDS THAT KIND OF SECURITY, THEN YOU CAN NOT PUT PEOPLE THERE BEFORE THEY SEE A JUDGE.

I do not give up my rights because you choose to save money by putting petty criminals in a high security prison.


Instead, you give up the right to put minor criminals in a high security prison the second  you decided that everyone in that facility needs to be strip searched.

The Supreme court majorly blew this call.  They totally missed the real point - my rights triumph over your convenience.  That is why they are called RIGHTS.

Note that this ruling was 5:4, with all the conservatives voting in favor of letting teenage girls caught speeding be strip searched then sent to a dangerous prison, before they so much as see a judge.

Conservatives are NOT libertarians.  They do NOT care about liberty.  They do NOT care about the rights of individuals.

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