Tuesday, September 25, 2012

More Akin vs McCaskill

Right now Akin looks like he has been doing a pretty good job apologizing and defending his status among Missourians.

That may change starting tomorrow (Wednesday, Sept. 25).  Today, Tuesday the 24th, is the last day for him to withdraw.

Because of that, Claire McCaskill has been hoarding her money - she didn't want to spend cash attacking him, then have him withdraw and have to face some other Republican challenger.

 The race has been tight, neck and neck, although the latest poll (by Rasmussen a conservative, Fox controlled corporation) show McCaskill with a six point lead.

Claire may start to spend some of her war chest, solidifying her re-election.   Expect to hear more about this race in the next couple of weeks.  Originally McCaskill was considered a vulnerable seat, because Missouri is relatively republican.

More importantly, the situation there reflects the general situation in the country as a whole.  Republicans have allowed their party to be controlled by the far right zealots, turning off the moderates and even their own conservative base.

When you have conservative women voting for democrats because the Republican party is too far right for them, then Democrats win.  If the GOP wishes to regain the House and the Senate, all they have to do is tone down the ridiculous over the top stuff that they have been using to enliven their base.

You can't win with just your base, you need to attract moderates and convince your opponent's base that you are not that bad. 

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