Wednesday, October 10, 2012

More about Voter ID laws

Recently  a Pennsylvania judge delayed their Voter ID law till next year, because it was likely to suppress voter turnout.  S

Once again, I state that Voter ID laws are not necessarily evil, just the ones the GOP has pushed.  The GOP led laws are designed not to catch fraud, but instead to suppress Democrat votes.  Democrats are not against Voter ID laws per se, just the voter suppression versions the GOP has enacted.

For comparison purposes, lets look at the Voter ID law Rhode Island - a Democrat controlled state legislature - created.  (Source)

1)  The first year (i..e. this presidential election), they were more generous.  They let you use bank statements, utility statements, student IDs, etc. or even government issued documents without photos (such as birth certificates, social security cards), as ID.

2) Starting in 2014,, they will require photo IDS - but will continue to accept Government issued Medical cards and School IDs.

3)  If you don't have the ID, you get a provisional ballot which will be have the signature scrutinized.  If it is deemed a forgery, the ballot is rejected. If it is found to be valid, the ballot will be accepted. You don't have to show up or take any actions, they are just analyzing your signature, not your identity.  No forcing people without transportation to attend meetings, or costing them anything (time or money).

Compare this with Pennsylvania law:

  • Pennsylvania lets you disqualify them if the name on the ID does not match the name on the voter registration (left unclear how exact it must be).  It never accepts medical cards, though it does accept certain student IDs (not all - they must have a photo and an expiration date).
  • Starts right away, so no leniency for the first year.
  • The person must appear at the county board with ID and submit affidavits.  This costs them time and either money or a lot of extra time and effort to prove they are poor.
Those differences matter.  No learning curve, harsher rules and harsher standards for rejection all work to prevent legitimate voters from voting?

Why?  Because the Rhode Island Democrats aren't trying to illegally suppress votes.  The Republicans on the other hand...

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