Friday, May 10, 2013

A new solution to the NRA's 'gun registration fear"

The NRA has completely changed it's opinion on gun control.

At first they clearly stated background checks are acceptable.

That's OK, I myself have posted multiple times about guns (offering a couple of different solutions)

Now that has changed - they say it is unacceptable out of paranoid fear that the government will keep track of who has and who doesn't have guns.

The thing is that is not unconstitutional.  It is totally legal for the government to track who owns guns.

The 2nd amendment merely states we can't take AWAY the guns, not track who has them.

The NRA gun right morons claim that tracking guns is the first step in taking them away.

Nope.  We've seen it happen many times before - Japan, Germany, Russia,

The steps go this way:

  1. Get into power
  2. Change the rules to make it harder to remove you from power  (i.e. gerrymandering)
  3. Start abusing the rules you changed in step 2 to stay in power.
  4. Create a cadre of armed people willing to obey your command despite the abuses you did in step
  5. THEN start tracking the people you don't trust
  6. Then start creating laws to let you imprison the people you don't trust.

Tracking the people is not an early step.   It is a rather late stage.

It's kind of like saying you don't want to let doctors check your blood type out of fear that they will harvest your organs.

Any reasonable person puts the major limit much closer to the real problem, not so early in the game.

But too late, the NRA has control over enough votes to stop reasonable background checks.

So let's offer them some unreasonable ones.

I have previously talked about several ways to do background checks (private organizations approved by the states to check against a list maintained by the federal government, no checks for long guns, but substantial ones for hand guns, etc).

But how about if we let the NRA do the checking?  Will the NRA trust itself not to maintain a list of those people that checked?

If the NRA refuses to do the checking, how about the ACLU?  Or better yet, let EITHER of them check.

Have the federal government maintain the list of people forbidden from getting guns and each week on Wednesday send a copy of the list to the ACLU and the NRA.  

Let them charge whatever they want to check if you are on the list or not.  They must maintain an encrypted record of each check they do - using a public/private key system.   The private key is held by the store that does the request.
Of course, we would have to put in some penalties.   Specifically, have some random testing by the federal government and if they fail to reject appropriate people, the NRA or the ACLU gets fined.

Also throw in the right sue if someone forbidden from buying a gun uses one to kill or damage someone, then:

The person that was shot (or the heirs) may:
  1. Sue the store that sold the gun for $20,000 if they did not do a background check.
  2. Sue the NRA/ACLU for $20,000 if they did the background check but the NRA/ACLU failed to update their list within the last 13 days of the back ground check.
  3. Sue the US government for $20,000 if they failed to include someone on the list within 13 days days of being informed they belonged on the list
  4. Sue the responsible organization for $20,000 if they failed to report to the US government that someone was no longer eligible to purchase a gun - and why.
In addition, let's throw in some reverse checks - specifically make it clear that any federal judge can restore your right to own a gun, as long as they are proven sane and have no un-pardoned felonies.

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