Saturday, July 16, 2011


Trust is a strange thing.   One of the strangest thing about trust is that the more you give, the more you get.   You can't trust someone that doesn't trust you.

This is a major flaw in China's political theory.   They don't trust their citizens at all.  As such, they hide information from their citizens.  The problem is that the citizens don't know the extent of the secrecy.   They know their government is hiding stuff, but they don't know whether the government is hiding a little lead in their toothpaste or hiding cyanide in their water.

China has recently begun censoring phone calls. If you mention "protest" (by words or by text), your call is dropped.   The thing about America is that we don't censor. Instead we publicize - both our mistakes and insane conspiracy theories.  We shout them to the world.

It is partly because of this that we know that  Obama is a US citizen.  Because if he wasn't, than Wikileaks would be full of information about where and when he was born.  The fact that we allow idiots to shout stupidity lets me know that there is no one hiding actual conspiracies.

China censors because it is afraid.  They fear fast change (revolution), so they do their best to slow it down (evolution).  As such they are and always will be, behind the times.

Why do they appear to be catching up?  Simply because they were so far behind.   In effect, they are racing along the path we blazed.  But they can never lead - they will always be behind us.   Fairly quickly they will catch up and then they will slam into the wall that they themselves have built.

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