Thursday, July 14, 2011

Internet Pornography is a Good thing.

(First, let me apologize to all the people that googled "Good Pornography" and ended up here.  Sorry, not what you are looking for, try again.)

Governments trying to censure the internet often use 'morality' as an excuse.  They want to eliminate porn for the good of society. 

The problem with that is the internet's pornography is a huge force for morality.

Before the internet, more than 10% of rural people had tried bestiality of some kind.   Basically, you had horny young people, many of whom were considered un-attractive with poor social skills.  Their self-righteous neighbors (many of whom were married because they were more-attractive and/or had better social skills) legislated against pornography.  So sexual relief was not easy to find.   Women have always had simpler, cheaper, and effective sex toys, but men can not simply turn to cucumbers.   For a surprising number of men living in close proximity to animals, assuming they could stomach it, the easiest solution was out on the ranch.   As a result, the Kinsey study found significant incidents of rural bestiality.

Disgusting, but unfortunately true.   No, I am not posting a source for this information.  I don't have the will to wade through the porn results a google search for relevant terms would include.  But if you yourself are willing to do so, you can hunt down reports that show bestiality has almost vanished in the past 20 years, pretty much with the rise of the internet.   Why?  Because people in small towns now have a sexual release that does not involve animals.  Given the choice, they abandoned bestiality.

Yes, child porn has become more popular, but pedophilia itself has not risen any significant amount, while bestiality has gone from above 10% in rural areas to much less than 5%.   The number of people that commit crimes against children is and always has been very small.   Rape statistics have also gone down, but that is more likely explained by a general decrease in crime.   In addition, the internet has not resulted in significant rises in actual homosexual activity, S&M activity, etc. etc.  We don't have more gay people, more dominatrixes, etc.  But those we do have are talking publicly about what they do.  The people that like their various kinky perversions have found each other, and are enjoying themselves in a more public manner.

The internet has cut down significantly on some types of 'perversion', while making others more public.  More public is not more immoral, in fact it makes things MORE morale by pushing the nastier people out and allowing the saner people to become leaders of their communities.  They discuss what they do and how to do it safely, without breaking laws.    They advise beginners to avoid things they should avoid.

A bunch of moralistic prudes have become upset now that they hear what other people are doing.  But the truth is that WORSE stuff used to happen before the communication revolution publicized everything.  People are being safer, saner and more consensual (or 'risk aware' if you prefer). 

So, thank you Internet for making the world a much safer, less disgusting place for sexuality. 

The lesson here is that censorship is BAD.  It doesn't eliminate or even reduce the bad stuff, it just hides it.   Of course that means that people that want to censor porn are in fact pushing bestiality.   Now, of course, Michelle Bachmann is not aware of any of this. How do I know she is ignorant of the Internet's positive effects on morality?   Because instead of learning from experts that have devoted their lives to studying these issues, she disparage them as ivory tower intellectuals.   Then she listens to amateurs with no degrees that have spent a couple of hours googling things.

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