Thursday, December 8, 2011

Why Cain had to dropped out

First note, that after Herman Cain dropped out, Newt Gingrich became the front runner.  Newt Gingrich cheated on both of his wives - one of them had cancer when he dumped her for his new mistress.

So clearly the GOP republicans are willing to vote for an unethical, womanizing cheater, as their Presidential nominee.


Herman Cain did not drop out because of his sexual indescretions.  Instead he had to drop out because of how poorly he handled them.

To quote myself  "But he has zero experience as a GOP candidate.  If he is serious about running for office, he should first win a lesser office. At least win a primary."

Cain had zero experience where it counts.  Yes he had experience running a company, but not in politics.  Why is this important?      Well, running a company is very different than running for office OR serving in any American political office.

First, lets talk about doing the job, rather than earning the job.   Quite honestly, running a company grants you MORE power over the company, then running a government does.   Boards of Directors pretty much take your word and let you do what you want.   You are a dictator.   Not so in an American political job.  Here you need to seek consensus - get other people - who are often your enemies - to agree to what you want.  There is very little you can just order done.

Being the head man in an American corproation makes you a BAD political candidate in the US.  As the head guy, you give orders and people obey.  Or you fire them.   That doesn't work with Congress.  Or the United States Supreme Court.   Or with other Countries.  Yes, President, (and Governors) do have to run the executive branch, but that is the EASY part of the job.  Mayor is pretty much the only political job you can run like a business.  Political jobs in this country is about getting things done without the dictatorial power that you have in business.  Which is why people often wish they could run this country like a business, but also why that dream will never come true. 

So, what jobs work better?  Well, clearly a community organizer works out pretty well.  There you have little power and have to convince a bunch of zealous individuals to work together.   But that's not all.  A lobbyist would also be good prep work.  After all, if politicians make good lobbyists, clearly a good lobbyist would make a good politician.  Same for charity work. 

Second, there is getting the job.   Getting a business job is mostly about money and experience.  If you have the money, you can buy a company.  Also, you can build a company yourself or pay a lot of money for a high end degree and work your work way up.   But in any case, dealing with the press, and public scrutiny is not a large part of your job.  People simply don't question you.

Running for office is and always has been a gauntlet of scandal searching.  How you deal with the press is a key part of it.

Cain had zero experience dealing with this.  He never had to talk to people about his own failings.  Which is why he lost the nomination.  He sucked at talking the press about what he did and what he did not do.  "Ubeki-beki-beki-beki-stan-stan" and "China is trying to develop nuclear capability" made him look like a fool, as opposed to someone that could handle the tough questions.   Then he totally blew the infidelity issues.  He simply did not have a clue on how to handle this kind of stuff.

Newt knows how to handle this.  He is wily and cunning.   He wills still lose the presidency because he did cheat on his wives.  The plural their is key.   You can't keep the 'saintly' vote after they see your feet of clay.  But he might be able to beat the other candidates simply because he is competing with people stupider than he is.  But he can't beat Obama.

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