Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What I would actually do

I have talked about how a lot of other people's plans are flawed.  I have even offered an over-the top example of how to counter the Conservative flat tax -plan.  But I haven't mentioned what I would really do.

Well, here it is.  This is what I would do if I was in charge of the Congress.  Note I said in charge of Congress, not President.  Because the President doesn't have all that much power to enact any of what I am going to talk about:  Note, I am open to changes, but these ideas would be the core of what I would do.  A lot of it has to do with taxes and spending, because that is our current biggest problem.

  1. Make Social Security taxes uncapped.  I.E.  You pay SS tax on every dollar you earn, not just the first $106k or so.  This basically solves the Social Security funding problem.
  2. Lower capital gain tax to 10%  - phase this in over 1 year.  (But see #4)
  3. Eliminate all corporate taxes completely.  The corporations pay too much money to lobbying avoid paying taxes anyway.  Again, phase this in over 3 years.   (But see #4)
  4. Put in new yearly a 4% Asset Tax on all assets owned by any American citizen over $100,000, with large exemptions.  The exemptions would be: any real estate owned in the USA or territories, tax free bonds, and anything owned in a Retirement account (IRA, ROTH IRA, Pension Plan, 401K, etc.).  Yes, that includes private corporations.  If you own a corporation, you pay taxes 4% of that corporation's value every year.   Note, unlike #2 and #3, there is no phase in.  Public corporations will be valued at the public price.  Private corporations will be set by the owner using any of several legal methods - but such valuations will be published and the owner must accept any offer of 30% higher than that value - or revalue their company to the new price and pay back on the new amount for the past 3 years.
  5. Legalize and federally recognize gay marriage throughout this country.
  6. Require any hospital that accepts medicare or medicaid to offer abortions.  Religious run hospitals will get an exemption and no doctor will be required to perform it, but the hospital must have the facilities available and find a doctor willing to come there and provide an abortion.  No more attempts to marginalize abortion providers.
  7. Encourage inflation to waver between 4% and 8%.  If it is below 4%, let it rise if it is doing even acceptably. This gives us the room to lower inflation when it is doing poorly.
  8. Make the Medicare tax (FICA) progressive.  Currently it is 1.45% for all, plus another 1.45% for the employer.  Keep that for everyone making $100k or less.  Raise it to 2% (plus another 2% for the employer) if you make over $100k.  Note if you are self-employed, you pay both the employee and the employer part.
  9. Make Medicare SECONDARY health insurance to anything privately provided instead of primary.  That is, if you work for a company and they offer health care, their insurance pays first, then Medicare rather than the other way around.  
  10. Require all organizations accepting donations for political purposes to report those donations and who donated the money within one week.   If one organization donates to another, it must report the names of every person that had any control over the decision making process and to describe where they get their money.
  11. Broker a deal between the NRA giving them a federal concealed carry license in exchange for all hand guns being sold in the USA having:  a) a test bullet fired for ballistic identification purposes (which is entered into a federal database) and b) a legal requirement for any one selling a gun to get the name and photo of the purchaser.   The original manufactures must  report the name and photo to the government, but anyone else has the choice of either reporting it or keeping personal copies of that information.   Failure to keep a copy results in a permanent bar from purchasing or selling any additional guns.
  12. Sell Greencards via an auction.  (Set to adjust each year to be equal to 4% of the country's citizen population).  Allow any states that wish to apply a penalty tax for greencard employees - of any amount from 0 to 70%.   Watch the states rush to eliminate that tax.
  13. Treat Marijuana like Alcohol. Alcohol is a lot worse in every measure - including acting as a 'gateway drug'.
  14. Expressly make it a felony for a police officer to destroy any recording of a police man or for a District Attorney to fail to press charges against a police officer that has destroyed such a recording.  Destroying evidence is a crime and should not be ignored.
  15. Declare any arbitration clause invalid unless an attorney paid for by all people signing the contract also signed the contract.   You can't sign away rights you didn't know you had.
  16. Declare that all contractual licenses must have an expiration date no greater than 10 years (no renewals guaranteed in the contract) - unless each side has a paid lawyer review and approves it.  Anything more than that is a sale disguised as a license.
  17. Create a Pollution Tax on anything that generates C02 or other pollutants.  Have the EPA calculate how much it costs to remove the pollution, then put a tax equal to 1/10th that cost. 
  18. Get us out of Afghanistan and cut back on the US's military.   Effectively declare that we need the capacity to fight one Iraq sized war, not two.  Use the savings increase foreign intelligence by 50% and to reduce the deficit. 
  19. Set up a Boarding School program specifically designed for kids with 'at risk' parents.  I.E.  Drug addicted, homeless, career criminal.
  20. Encourage competition between Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac - - and create a regulatory body aimed specifically at Collateralized Mortgage Obligations.  Those bonds will be created, they need separate regulation

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