Saturday, February 11, 2012

What Santorum's victory means

First, note that Santorum is winning with low turnout.

That not only means people are not excited about him (or any of the GOP candidates), but also means that a relatively small, committed section of the GOP is making the selection.   That is the perfect formula to turn off the independent voter.  So it is not surprising that the small, committed members of the GOP are selecting Santorum, who I had thought was out of the running.

In any case, my original hypothesis that the T-Party would not allow the GOP to select a candidate that can win the general election looks like it is turning out correct.

Basically, I think that "anybody but Romney" is not just a joke, but is in fact what the GOP want.

Romney's only hope is to play off the Santorum voters against Gingrich, till the convention, then make at the end to get the nomination.   He is wiley enough to try, but I think that he made a big mistake pissing off Gingrich early on.  That means he has to deal with Santorum.  But Santorum could probably make a deal with Gingrich naming Gingrich as VP, something Romney probably can't do.
Also note that Santorum is winning with low cash.  He gets more cash because he wins, not the other way around.   You can't buy an election.   I don't think the new super pac rules have changed that.

That said, Super Pacs are still an evil that should be controlled.  If I were in charge, I would rule that while they can spend unlimited money, all deposits MUST be reported the week they are received.  That is now possible using computers, and honestly, not even a big deal.

That does not limit speech, in fact it requires it.    And get rid of the anonymous deposits entirely.  SCOTUS said that corporations had a right to free speech, not a right to anonymity.

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