Friday, June 1, 2012

NYC's Big Gulp Ban

Bloomberg wants to ban all 'sugary' drinks larger than 16 oz at events (sports, movies, etc.)

First of all, they could still sell you 32 oz, but they have to sell it in two cops.

Secondly, note that this is a LOCAL law, not a federal law.   Like most abusive laws, this is a local/state law.   It is the STATES that create these crappy laws, not the Federal government.

Why does he want to do this inane law?  Drinkable calories are far more likely to make your fat.  But he has forgotten a basic fact:  IT IS LEGAL TO BE FAT.

More importantly, the proper way to discourage people from doing something is not to put in abusive manipulative laws designed to make it harder to do.  Instead you tax it.   That's what we do with cigarettes and alcohol.   So just slam a 50 cents  tax on the sale of more than 16 oz of soda at 'events'.   This does several things.

First, it stops the abusive "you get twice the soda for a quarter more" stupidity that movies use.  That bullshit was actually just a way to excuse charging you only a quarter less for half the soda.  Which the movies would change to "a free second soda of the same type for just a quarter more"

Second, it works just as well a discouragement as the annoying 'buy two sodas' technique. 

Third, it actually RAISES money for the city, something it always needs.

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