Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Obama's Immigration Policy

The GOP has been expanding the power of Congress for quite some time.  Among other things, they expanded the power of the filibuster and used it relentlessly.

The president can't expand his power.  He can't suddenly decide to do thins they couldn't otherwise get.

But he CAN do is decided not to his job.   He does it all the time.  They decide not to prosecute corporate crimes all the time.  The president has the full power of Pardon, he can pardon anyone and everyone.  Including illegal aliens.  He has that legal authority.

The GOP is trying to claim it's his subordinates power, not his.   They are wrong.   It is his decision to make, no one else's.

Yes, usually he lets other, lower people make those decisions.   But they get the power from HIM.  He makes the decisions, he has the power, they have nothing in and of themselves.  It's his right, not theirs.

George Bush had a basic rule of not enforcing the Clean Air Act.  The Supreme Court kept yelling at him for doing it, but so what?  It was legal for him to do that, and it is legal for Obama to not enforce the immigration law against children. 

More importantly, he didn't just do this.  One of politic's favorite way to lie is to focus everything down to what their opponent did, ignoring everything else.   Obama he tried to get Congress to act, they refused to act out of cowardice.  Note it was cowardice, not politics.   The Hispanic vote is key and they know it.  It's why Romney - who said he disliked the President's order - refused to state he would reverse the order.

If a candidate for congress is so scared he won't admit to reversing an order he publicly said was bad, then that means one thing:

The order can't be illegal and the man that gave it had more courage.

If it was truly illegal or wrong, than Romney would have said he would reverse it.   Obama  acted with courage and decisiveness.

Leadership is not about following what everyone else is doing.  It's not about making the easy decisions.  It's about making the HARD decisions - decisions you know some people will hate.  The GOP has huge issues with immigration.  They hate it and wish everyone would stop trying to enter this country, PERIOD (legal or illegal).

Romney demonstrated no leadership.   Obama demonstrated strong leadership.  He took a stand on an issue that was controversial.  That's the definition of leadership.

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