Monday, February 11, 2013

Republican Hero

I have talked quite a bit about traitorous Republicans trying to convert this country to an oligarchy (via electoral vote by gerrymandered district plans).

So it is only fair that when a Republican stands up for what is right, I should point out his behavior.

Specifically Republican Representative Bill Howell (Speaker of the Virginia State House) has rejected the state redistricting plan put forth by the Virginia State Senate.  He killed it's chance of being passed into law.

For background, last month, on Martin Luther King Day (Monday, January 21, 2013), Democratic Senator Henry Marsh choose to attend President Obama's inauguration.  Senator Marsh is a black man, but he is also one of 21 Democrat State Senators in Virginia.

During his absence, the Virginia State Senators decide to play dirty and rushed through a re-districing plan that gerrymandered the state even further.  It did so by filling up a single district with Democrats, thereby turning a previously Democrat district into a Republican one.

As per my earlier anti-Virginia post (source), Virginia has 11 districts and a majority of Democrats in the state.  But they only have 3 Democrat districts versus 8 republican districts.  How did they do this?  By stuffing one district with 80% Democrat.  The new plan would have made it only 2 Democrat Districts, both over 80% and  nine Republican Districts.

To add insult to injury, most of Virginia's Democrats are black and remember this was done on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. 

Can you say "Ghetto?"

But enough was enough for the truly Honorable Speaker Bill Howell.

He stood up to to the state senate and said no.

I personally want to thank the Honorable Speaker Bill Howell for having the courage and ethics so rarely seen (clearly absent in the Virginia State Senate).

Honorable Speaker Howell, it is because of men like you that this country is as great as it is.

Thank you for putting country and state above party.

May I also suggest that you run for federal office? 

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