Friday, April 26, 2013

Ridiculous Claims of the Boston Bomber - and also by Republicans.

One of the Boston Marathon Bombers, is reported to have made the outright ridiculous claim that most of the deaths in Afghanistan came from Americans killing innocent civilian (a.k.a. collateral damage)

Now, lets just ignore the incredibly unlikeliness of this claim.   Most deaths in the area are caused by guns, despite the higher profile bomb deaths.   But let's assume it is actually true, despite the shear stupidity and lunacy of the argument. 

I will illustrate his simple error using a simple story.

There once was a little boy, let's call him Steven.   He was not particularly malicious, but he definitely qualified as a prankster.  The kind of kid that Bart Simpson was based on.  Like Bart Simpson, he had a younger sister that he teased. 

One day, while at a pool party, the kids had water guns.   Steve came up with what he thought was a brilliant idea.  He shot his sister, than ran over to a bunch of toddlers, younger than his sister.

His sister followed him and shot him, getting a few of the toddlers, who immediately began to cry.  Of course his sister got punished.  But don't feel too bad, little Steven was also punished.

Because the parents knew exactly who had planned the collateral damage.  Some idiots may think that hiding behind innocents means you are not responsible for the collateral damage.  But any parent of a conniving little Bart Simpson wanna-be can easily see through this rather lame artifice.

When you intentionally put innocents at risk to trap your opponent, you are just as responsible as your opponent, if not more so.

So why do people pull this kind of crap?   It's not just terrorists.  American politicians use similar techniques by putting force amendments to bills to add 'collateral damage'.  The hope is to prevent the bill from being passed.     Then of course there is the reverse tactic - stealing credit for good bills.

Here, whiny little republican idiots in the state senate (not all republicans are whiny little idiots, but the people doing this are) refuse to vote in favor of any Democrat bills.  They want to lie and pretend that the Democrats are always wrong.   So whenever a Democrat authors a bull they like, they vote it down, then reintroduce the same bill , sometimes without changing a single word.  Then they lie and claim they authored the bill.  Apparently, Michigan Republicans think their constituents are morons.

I wonder, did they copy test answers back in school as well, or is it just legislation?

(Note, some Democrats do the same thing, but the tactic is much more common among Republicans, in part because so few state houses are controlled by Democrats and don't need any Republican votes.  But quite a few state houses are controlled by Republicans and don't need any Democrat votes due to partisan gerrymandering.)

They expect people to stupidly blame/credit the men that pull the trigger, rather than the evil sons of bitches that planned the operation.  This applies to both the ridiculously lame theory by the Boston Marathon Bomber, and the slimy,cheating, liars pretending to author Democrat bills.

They think we are fools.  They think we can't understand what happens.

They are wrong.   We know exactly who to blame - the idiots that plan, not the men that make the hard choices.

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