Monday, April 15, 2013

The GOP is right...

Most of the things Republicans say about liberals in general, or the President specifically is true ... for the most leftist members of the Democrats, but not at all true about the President nor the party in general.

Similarly, most of the things Democrats say about the Republicans are true .... the most rightist members of the GOP.

But the real problem is the Democrats don't give power to the most leftist members.   That's part of what being a Big Tent party is about - we have crazy extremists, but most of us are moderates.

There ARE Democrats that want to take away all your guns.  But not the President, not any Senator, and probably not any Congressman.   We don't really know because no Congressman would dare to say it, even if he believed it.  There ARE liberals that want socialism - they joined the Socialist party because Democrats don't put up with that crap.  (Bernie Sanders is a great example,)

The Republicans on the other hand DO give power to their most extreme members.   They hold up Limbaugh and Beck and Fox people as their spokesmen.  They elect people like Sarah Palin, Todd Akins,and Christine O'Donnell.

Laura Bush said some GOP candidates frightened women, but that they were the exception to the norm (Source)  Guess what, there are Democrats that also frighten women.  But none of them hold office or are even candidates.  Do you want to know why?   Because we yell at them and kick them OUT of the party, rather than embrace them.

There ARE Republicans that hold office and want to (or at least are willing to)  take away the voting rights of Hispanics - they rule the Texan State Assembly.  Which is why both the Department of Justice and the Federal Courts told them their redistricting plan was illegal.    Their ARE Republican office holders (past and present) that blame women for getting raped.   Tod Akins, Phil Gingrey, Clayton Williams, Chuck Winder, Rick Snatorum are just a few of them.

That is the major difference between the parties.

It is also the main reason why I am a Democrat.  Honestly, the Republicans have some good ideas.  The problem is they let the lunatics run their party as opposed to the sane people.   If they kicked them out, the party would have a chance of getting my vote.  As it is now?  Never.

You need to laugh at and throw the lunatic extremists out, not throw the moderates out for being 'Republicans in Name Only'.

Embrace the main stream, the moderate, and you get the main stream voters.  Embrace the lunatics and the mainstream voters run away from your bat-shit crazy people.

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