Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The REAL IRS scandal

There is a real IRS scandal that is being mostly ignored by the main stream media.

It is also being mostly ignored by the conservatives.

And also by the liberals.

Try doing a google search on the words "IRS ADOPTION"

Sixty Nine percent of people that adopt children get audited

This compares with 1% of people that don't adopt.

 Some people get audited TWICE for the same claim.

Of course, this makes perfect sense because the fraud rate was as high as zero.  Yes zero.  In fact, after auditing, additional taxes was due 17% (from honest errors, not fraud) - as compared to an average of 86% of the time for audits for non-adoptions.  (Source)

Adoption is a complicated process that often involves huge fees, with a lot of bureaucratic paperwork. If it is an international adoption, sometimes those fees are more like bribes.  You are told to bring cash and they don't give receipts.  It is in fact legal for the US citizen to claim these expenses as as an Adoption Tax Credit (upto $112,650).   Even if they are cash and you don't have paper receipts.

It is made worse because the IRS does not do a good job telling taxpayers what records they need, how to fill out their forms, or put those forms in their e-filing process.  (Source)

This is what a real scandal looks like.  69% auditing with zero fraud found and a relatively small amount of additional taxes owed.

The partisan crap?  It is not worth of the name scandal.  It's low level partisan bull that has been going on since the IRS was founded.  The only real difference now is that they got a couple of incriminating emails from low level employees.   It is being talked up because the GOP wish it went much higher than it really is.  So they keep digging, hoping to find proof of something that doesn't exist.

P.S.   Warning, some of the people that discovered this adoption scandal are partisan fools.
They see everything through a lens of 'it must be liberals doing it to hurt conservatives".   They can't conceive of people not giving a crap about their personal political wars.

So they come up with ridiculous theories to try and blame this on Obama and the liberals.  (Silly ideas such as the belief that liberals think that people that adopt must be conservatives, because religious people adopt)

That is bull.

This is a real problem but it is not a conservative-liberal thing.  It is a bureaucratic  government screw up that has nothing to do with partisan politics and everything to do with incompetence.  

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