Friday, May 6, 2011

Bin Laden's Pictures

Some people are demanding the USA release Bin Laden's death pictures.

President Obama has wisely refused.

The simple truth is that we did not kill Bin Laden to make a point.  We didn't do it to tell the world.  We did it because it had to be done.

And we don't care if no one believes us.   We do however care if the zealots use his death as a cause for future actions.  Those pictures could be used to support their zealotry, and we don't want that.  So we won't publish them.

As for the idea that we might have simply faked it, I have three responses to that.

  1. If we are faking, then he can simply film a new speech and release it.  Today, before our fakery starts to be accepted (and before someone has enough time to create a fake video)
  2. If we were going to fake it, we would have done it a long time ago.  Ten years later is almost pathetic, not a moral booster (P.S.  To those idiots that think Bush should get the credit - vengeance ten years later is not worthy of credit but of blame for taking too long.  Vengeance 3 years later is worth bragging about.)
  3. Finally, I assure you that any president that had to deal with moronic birther lies would fire anyone stupid enough to suggest that we fake Bin Laden's death. The one thing President Obama does not want is more conspiracy theories.

 We killed Bin Laden.   We did it partly for vengeance. partly to stop that idiot from conspiring against us again, and partly to scare others from attacking us again.

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