Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Politics and stupidity

Stupidity is not partisan.  I have met about as many moronic Democrats as I have met moronic Republicans.  The Democrat candidate that said something along the lines of "What,you expect me to kiss babies..." is a prime example of a moronic Democrat.  In addition, there are all those idiots that thought Bush knew about the 9/11 attacks and did nothing ("Truthers").

That said, there is a major difference between how the DNC treats their morons and how the GOP does.  Note I had to explain what a Truther is - but I don't have to explain what a Birther is.   The DNC recognizes that the democratic morons are a part of our base, but we don't encourage them.  In fact we reign them in.   Even if you ignore Roger Ailes (FOX), the GOP has a lot to answer for.   (While Ailes put Beck and his ilk on TV,  hires the major GOP non-elected persons, and pushes the GOP agenda how he wants it to go, is not an official of the GOP.)  The problem is the RNC allows/encourages its members to push radical, ridiculous ideas that everyone that is NOT a conservative zealot knows are partisan lies.

The prime examples are:

  1. Birtherism.   No, it is not enough to say you don't believe it. 
  2. The claims of socialism by candidates/elected officials.   
  3. The healthcare lies (in particular the infamous imaginary "Death Panels")
  4. The ridiculous cost estimates for Obama's India trip.
No, it is not enough to not make these claims yourself. You must attack and criticize members of your party that do it.  The Democrats do it when psycho Democrats make ridiculous claims ("Truthers" for example.)

The reason for this issue is quite simple. The GOP has built it self on multiple beliefs that are slowing being proven false.  As time progresses, they strive to maintain their beliefs in the face of more and more contradictions.  This requires them to slowly move from honest disagreement to outright lies.  For example, the culture beliefs against the fairly well proven scientific facts of evolution, homosexuality being natural, Climate Change.  Not to mention the  "we can cut the defecit while lowering taxes".  The worst part is that none of these beliefs can ever truly be totally proven false.  But as time goes by, more and more people will realize the evidence against them is overwhelming - and growing. 

Eventually, new GOP candidates will be elected that won't spout these lies - but they will spout new lies.  The GOP has encouraged a culture of denial and falsehood to grow, so the new GOP candidates, while accepting the truth about say Climate Change, will deny something else.  

The GOP say "The Democrats Think you are Stupid to belief in x".  The truth is we don't think Conservatives are stupid.  But we do recognize that there ARE stupid conservatives, just as there ARE stupid liberals.   The difference is the Democrats don't cater to our own stupidity, we try to educate it out of ourselves, or at least to push the stupid democrats out of the spot light.  The GOP on the other hand likes to embrace their stupidity.  They know it will pick up some support from their base - but fail to realize that it will lose support of the independents.  The GOP will never again win a national campaign until they kill their focus on their base and look to the independents. 

Newt Gingrich was punished for trying to kill the lies in the GOP.  He talked honestly, and tried to appeal to the independents.  This pissed of the moron-philes (people that court the votes of the stupid) in the GOP and since they were in charge, they kicked Newt under the Bus.

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