Monday, May 2, 2011

Tears of Joy

Liberals are soft.  We don't understand war.  We can't take actions against terrorists.  And we don't have it in us to kill.  When we do kill, we don't enjoy it.

Yes, my friend, that is why a liberal president could not find or kill Osama Bin Laden over 8 years.  And why it took a conservative president less than 3 to find and Kill Osama Bin Laden.  The weak previous president can't even claim he did the work because it took 3 whole years for the current president to do it.

Whoops, I got that all backwards, didn't I?    It was the conservative President Bush that failed over 8 years and the liberal Obama that killed Bin Laden.

Conservatives like to lie about liberals.    They exaggerate minor differences because they know the differences between liberals and conservatives are actually very small (with the exception of abortion and discrimination).  We both want an EPA (the Dems threatened to cut the EPA budget entirely when the GOP wanted to cut just the Climate Change stuff - and the GOP caved.), we just argue about how much to spend.  We both want to fund the military, etc. etc.  The real differences are much smaller.

And yes, I am crying today about the death of Osama Bin Laden - Tears of Joy,   As I celebrate this day of vengeance, I just wish we had a Democrat in charge in 10 years ago, this day might have come in the Oughts instead of the Teens.

There is an entire SEAL team out there that will never have to buy themselves a drink again.  All they have to do is tell the tale and Americans everywhere will fall over themselves to pay for there alcohol, there me

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