Monday, March 25, 2013

How a Republican lies

I've talked previously about how Americans lie.

Now I am going to talk about the specific sub-class of American known as a Republican, lies.

The example is Senator Ted Cruz.  The data from this post comes from Politifact, which declares Ted Cruz's statement as 'true'.   (Source)   Am I disagreeing with Politifact?  No.  Everything Ted Cruz said is technically 'true'.  But his statement is still a lie.

How?  Well, remember as I posted earlier, Americans lie not by stating false things, but by leaving things out.   Ted Cruz's statement was

"We have a federal government that thinks they have the authority to regulate our toilet seats." 

Why did Politifact say it is true?  Because of the following regulations:

  • Mines must have attached toilets with hinged seats  AND toilet paper.

  • Construction sites (with at least 20 workers) must have 1 toilet and 1 urinal per 40 workers.

  •  Any building covered by the ADA (does not include any homes, apartments, etc.) must have at least one toilet that is accessible to handicapped (17 inch to 19 inch seat height, clearance for a wheel chair, etc.)

That's it.  Those are the regulations Ted Cruz objects to.  Note none of them apply to the toilet you build for yourself.  You want a toilet without paper?  One that is 15 inches tall - with no wheelchair access?  Fine.  You can buy them and put them in your house.  Any reasonable person hearing Ted Cruz's carefully worded statement would not know that.   Because Ted Cruz made sure to imply that he was talking about all toilets, not public toilets.

Then he has the gall to claim we don't need that these regulations.  Apparently Ted Cruz is fine with some sadistic boss saving money by not providing toilet paper, or sufficient toilets or sufficient space for a handicapped person to use a restaurant's bathroom..  And he is stupid enough to not realize that such assholes that would try this bullshit DO exist.  Worse, he thinks that an employee/handicapped should have to put up with this bull or quit there job/not eat at that restaurant.

He has no concept of history - when employers do this and far worse - then shot employees for striking for better conditions.   But I am getting off topic.   Ted Cruz knows the government does not regulate home toilets.  But he intentionally left out the word 'public' from his statement which was only about public toilets.

Why did he do this?  To make it sound reasonable instead of like the ridiculous ramblings of your generic conservative GOP Senator making a mountain out of a molehill.  

 Yes, American has rules requiring businesses to provide reasonable toilets.  Yes they are necessary.  Why?  Because in the past, people have provided nothing.  No toilet at all - or not enough toilets in locations such as mines and constructions sites.   And restaurants used to provide toilets that were unusable if you were in a wheelchair. 

Are the rules reasonable?  Yes.  Is Ted Cruz?  No.

Because that's how Republicans lie.  They take normal, reasonable statements and leave important parts off, making it sound like it is unreasonable.

This is typical of how Republicans lie.

Note - I am not saying that all Republicans lie, just that usually when they lie, they do so using this method.

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