Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Preppers: More about Crazy

Why do I keep talking about stupidity vs insanity?  Because is so common in politics.  Worse, as I have shown before, Stupidity tends to spread.

There are a certain group of generally extremely conservative lunatics that think the world is going to end.

They tend to 'prep' for it by getting lots of guns, ammo, survival bunkers, and lots and lots of food stored away.

Now please note I am not calling them morons because they think some kind of mega-disaster is coming.  I kind of agree with that.  Nor am I calling them morons for prepping .  That makes a certain amount of sense.  They are not stupid, nor are they evil.

My problem is that these lunatics have no idea how to really get prepared for anything.

If you think there will be a problem getting food for more than a month, then buy a farm and learn how to make it yourself.  Or at the very least become/work at a food distributor (i.e. have a warehouse that will feed 1,000 people for 100 years rather than a puny shelter containing enough food for 4 for a month).

If you think there is a chance you might need more than 1000 bullets, learn how to make them yourself.  (I admit a few of the smarter 'preppers' do this).

If you think you are going to need more than 5,000 rounds, learn how to make a crossbow and how to make crossbow bolts (or at least how to make a bow and arrows).

The idea that you should store more than a month of food is crazy unless you also start a business selling it.   The idea that you need to spend more than a day learning how to shoot a gun is also pretty damn crazy. Guns are simple to use and will scare off people unless they come in huge numbers and then your skill won't matter.   Bow hunting however does take skill, which you really should learn, if you are going try and use one to defend yourself/hunt.

It's not their assumptions that make these people crazy, it is there obviously moronic 'solutions'.

The same problem often exists in general politics.  You have idiots that pretend anti-gay laws are there to support the family, rather than make anti-divorce laws.

You really want to stop divorce?  Put a permanent tax on it - i.e. if you get married, have children, then get divorced, then both parents pay 1% higher taxes than if they had never gotten married.  Put that money to child services.

You really want to make government smaller?  End programs YOU like, rather than ones your opponent likes.  That's the best way to fix things.

You know why people don't do this?

Because their claimed 'reasons'  are a bunch of lies.  They are thinly veiled excuses for their real agendas that they think we are too stupid to see through.  Why?  Because they themselves are too stupid to see through those excuses.

The laws against gay marriage are not about protecting straight marriage, they are about anti-gay prejudice, nothing more.   The attempts to shut down liberal programs are not about saving money, they are about ending liberal programs.

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