Monday, March 11, 2013

The Activated Sequester

As I have said before, the Sequester is basically what the GOP claims it wants.  A reduction in spending.  That is why they aren't fixing it.   They don't want a tax increase, so they simply will not make any kind of deal that takes a non-tax increase solution for a tax-increase version.  No matter how much better they get for a tax-increase version

Instead they have used it to cause the government to cut programs the GOP doesn't like.  They are accepting cuts in some programs they do like, in exchange.

The Senate should reject their attempts to 'help' out just the government departments the GOP likes (i.e. the military).

If the GOP is really serious about fixing ANY problems with the Sequester, they must be willing to spend as much money and power fixing the things the Democrats want.

Trying to solve just the programs they like is evil.

It's like if two parents decided to cut back on spending for their kids because of budgetary problems, then the father says "but lets put in an exception to let Billy Bob go on a field trip for the Boy Scouts" while still refusing to send Jill-Anne to her baking class.

You can't just fix the programs you like, while screwing over your partner.

When the senate rejects the GOP's recommendations remember that the Sequester is supposed to be a PUNISHMENT for the GOP, not a real budget.

Yes the Sequester is stupid.  It was supposed to be stupid.

No you can't make it smarter for your favorite programs, not without making it smarter for your opponents programs.

 This is basic prisoner's dilemma logic.   You want to get something, but if you betray your opponent, they will betray you too.

No, you can't complain about your opponent's screwing you over while you are still screwing them over.

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