Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hyeonseo Lee's story

Some American's like to say the World War II was the last 'good war'.  Granted, that was more popular before September 11, 2001, but it is still said, particularly by the more liberal people.

They are wrong.

The last good American was was the Korean War.   Yes, we did not win, but we saved half a country.   There are currently living in about 50 million people 38 thousand sq kilometers. (Source) This compares to about 24.5 million people living in 46 thousand square miles (North Korea).  Yes, North Korea has about 20% more land, and supports half as many people.  The power of freedom.

Is it such a big deal?  Well, if you want to hear a heart rending story, I strongly suggest you watch Hyeonseo Lee's story.   If it leaves you unmoved, please tell your nearest psychiatrist to check if you are a sociopath.

It reminds me the real reason for two things - why I hate communism and why people become communists.

Free people became communists because they saw huge amounts of suffering juxtaposed with wealthy people not paying their fare share of taxes. They saw the huge suffering caused by shmucks who claim they are 'creating jobs', when all they are doing is letting people suffer and die, because it's not their problem - those suffering and dieing are just a bunch of lazy 'takers'.

I hate communism because it does NOT solve that problem. While it promises to solve that problem, it doesn't do it.  But let's be clear, just because it doesn't solve the problem, doesn't mean that the wealthy should keep their money.

Just because you can die of thirst does not mean you should make people drown.  You need a reasonable mix.  We need some taxes and support for the poor, while at the same time letting people have freedom and the right to make a profit.

In addition, after hearing Ms. Lee's story, and the problems she faced dealing with China and Laos, it is quite clear to me that immigration is the only real answer to tyranny.

That means we need to be willing to accept more immigration.   Frankly, turning Cubans (or other such people) away makes us no better than the Chinese government, sending North Koreans refugees back to North Korea.

As for Dennis Rodman - he can go stay with his friend in North Korea.  We don't need him here.

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