Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Protection

Election Protection is a non-partisan organization that tries to protect American;s right to vote.  They offer a hotline that you can call:

866 ourvote, or 866-687-8683

Their website is

En Espanaol, it is 1-888-Ve-Y-Vota, = 1 888-839-8682


You can contact them to:

1) Find out if you are registered to vote (and help you get registered for the next election..

2) Find out where you have to go to vote

3)  Tell you any requirements to vote (Voter ID laws, signatures, etc.)

4)  Report any problems (anything from excessively long lines to criminal activities) preventing or interfering with voting.

They have lawyers working for them in all states, and they know how to get in touch with judges.

They can get a judge to issue an order allowing you to vote, if someone is illegally preventing you from voting.

You can download a free apps from them as well that verifies registration, registers you for next time, finds your polling place, reviews key laws and information.

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