Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Isreal and the Gaza Strip

Full disclosure:  I am a non-practicing Jew, living in the USA.

The way Israel treats the Palestine people is shameful.  And yes both countries have the right to defend themselves.

I feel real bad for the Palestinian children.  They risk death every day.

Of course, it doesn't help that their parents either are terrorists or harbor terrorists.

The problem is that while the Israelis are defending themselves by trying to kill combatants, the Palestinians are not.  Gaza is targeting civilians, not soldiers.  When you target civilians, that is not defending yourself, that is aggressively attacking innocent people.

The most reliable numbers I have found say that 3 Israelis (Source)  [Note, after I wrote that, they killed another 22 Israeli civilians - (Source) by bombing a bus.]  were killed from Gaza and that  96 Palestinians were killed.  (source)  Of those 96, 50 were civilians, and 46 were militants.  I am not happy that more than half (52%) of all those killed were civilians, but those are the numbers.

But the number of missiles fired are similar - 1350 strikes filed by Israel,848 fired by Gaza.  So that just means that Israel is better at killing while the Palestinians are incompetent when it comes to killing.

Mainly because the Israeli anti-missile system, Iron Dome, is pretty good (80-85% efficiency).

But that's 80-85% efficiency, not 95-100%.   Which means that 15-20% get through and they have only killed three people.  Those 25 Israelis that were killed?  They were all civilians.   As in 100% (vs the 52% I mentioned above)  It was a a rocket fired into an apartment building and a bus bombing.  (Source)  Why such a poor, incompetent showing?

They are firing missiles blindly, and the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) doesn't let just anyone on their military vehicles.

They don't have smart missiles, they have dumb ones.  They fire these dumb missiles blindly, aiming only at cities.  Not to mention the stupidity of bombing a bus.

These are the actions of terrorists.  They are targeting civilians, while the IDF at least tries to kill combatants.   Terrorists aim at civilians.  If you are aiming at a city, or worse, at a public bus, you are aiming at civilians.

Soldiers aim at combatants.  Yes, they may kill civilians, but those are incidental deaths, not intentional. That is the difference between terrorists and soldiers. 

Gaza is a terrorist state, blindly firing missiles and placing bombs.  The next question is why?

They want to piss off Israel enough to invade.   The last time Israel invaded, some of their soldiers took out frustration on innocent civilians.  They were accused of war crimes and Israel lost some prestige, and Gaza got some positive press.  (Source)  

Gaza terrorists were firing missiles in the hope that Israel will invade and that will give them more support and/or convince Egypt to help them out, possibly even defending them.  When peace looked possible, they bombed a bus, derailing the chances of peace.   Which is of course why the Palestinians did it.

Well, they also claim they want the blockage lifted.  You know the blockade Israel put in to stop people from giving missiles to Gaza.   Does anyone really think that firing missiles at Israel is going to convince Israel to lift the blockade that Israel put in to stop Gaza getting missiles?

Israel just wants Gaza to stop trying to kill Israeli citizens.  There is no way they will lift the blockade given that missiles are being used and the blockade is designed to stop them getting missiles.  

It's not that hard to figure out who are the bad guys, who are the good guys.  Israel is defending itself from a bunch of terrorists blindly firing missiles.

Terrorists in Gaza are blindly firing missiles and bombing public buses.  They have an evil, despicable plot to convince Israel to invade and kill more Gaza residents, all in the vain hope that they will be able to ring some political advantage out of the deaths of their own people (and 25 innocent Israelis.)

What should Israel do?

Well, I would send in suicide drones.  Have the drones look for missiles, then detonate.  Of course, the Gaza people might try to kill the drones before hand.  It wouldn't be that hard for the Israelis to film everything the drone sees, then detonate if someone stupid tries to get to close to the drone or attacks it.

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